Our welding shop uses several different methods for welding different types of steel and aluminium.

Robot welding

We have always been pioneers in robot welding. We obtained our first robot already at the beginning of the 1990s. Currently, we have five welding robots with different table solutions at our disposal, one of which also has a CMT power source for welding very thin materials.

Our most modern robot is a pallet-based FMS system where each pallet can hold a different job. In this way, the same robot can weld both single pieces and series. The largest robot has a maximum pallet rotation diameter of 2700mm and a capacity of 1000kg.

Hand welding

For hand welding, we have ten hand welding stations, where we weld very varied products using MIG, MAG, or TIG method. All of our welders are qualified and our own IWS personnel continuously oversee and train our staff.

Other welding methods

For ERW, we use traditional spot welding and projection welding. We can weld variedly shaped pieces as well as nuts and threaded pins. There exist valid method tests for these methods, and our operators are qualified for the methods and equipment used.