Surface Coating

Most of the products we manufacture pass through our surface coating lines.

Powder coating

Our powder coating line is of the conveyor type, with Oxilan pretreatment and two powdering booths. The furnace is gas-heated and enables the coating of even thick pieces. The maximum sizes for materials are length 3000mm, height 1200mm, and depth 1000mm. The maximum weight is 150kg.

The paint shop uses a wide variety of different protection products for protecting threads, holes, and surfaces. If needed, we can pack individual pieces directly into variously shaped packages. We have about ten standard colours in our production, and other colours can be quickly obtained from our partners (AkzoNobel and Teknos). The powdering uses Gema/Wagner systems.

Wet coating

The wet coating uses steel grit blasting FeSa 2½ as a pretreatment. The coating system supplier is Sasmetor. The coating chamber has automatic drying and air-conditioning systems.

Naturally, the paint shop is an ATEX-approved coating space. The largest coatable size is determined by the limitations in other production, while the paint shop itself has an area of 50 square metres. The grit blasting chamber is 30 square metres and has an automatic grit recycling system.

Other coatings

Our products also have several special coatings and treatments, such as anodising, electro- and hot-dip galvanizing, nitration, pickling, heat treatments, and special paints (NATO).

For these special treatments, we have an established subcontractor network that serves us flexibly and with high performance.