Our machinery for machining contains both horizontal and vertical machining centres, as well as versatile NC lathes, some of which also have revolving centres. All of our machining cutters are controlled through a Matrix tool robot.


We have 12 different machining centres for milling. The small machines are vertical and the larger ones mainly horizontal machining centres. Some of the machines have changeable pallet tables and the largest FMS cell has a 6-pallet system.

The largest machine has a work area of X:1400mm, Y:1200mm, Z:1350mm, spindle power 37kW, spindle diameter 100mm, max 8000RPM, maximum pallet weight 2200kg. The machine also has integrated Renishaw OMP60 measuring system.


We have 9 different NC lathes for turning. Six of them are automatic, the largest for a 90mm axis. The largest single turning length is 713mm, and the largest turning diameter 420mm.

Some of the machines also have rotating tools and counter spindles. We also have special tools for making internal and external keyways and shapes.

Manual machining

For manual machining, we have a few tool milling machines and lathes, with which we can manufacture simple individual pieces and parts for our tool and jig manufacturing.