Metalpower – Who are we?

Metalpower Ltd. is a contract manufacturer of metal products and components, who offers your business the opportunity to centralize your acquisitions into one professional company.

Why do we have good reason to speak about flexibility?

Our well organized purchases and production ensure a reliable delivery even in a swift schedule. Thanks to our extensive storage service, the products of our contract clients can be delivered to the clients immediately.

A tailored control system has a key role in organizing a flexible production. We use the PowerEd-ERP system, into which we have built various auxiliary functions to optimize our manufacturing plan quickly and smoothly. For monitoring the utilization rate of the machines, we use Arrow production monitoring.

Flexibility and change management can be seen in our product and tool design where a tight collaboration with the client helps us to find the best manufacturing solutions right from the beginning of the product’s lifespan. Manufacturing samples and prototypes are everyday things for us, and we get the right feedback about the manufacturability of the products to the client.

3000+ Tonnes of metal per year
1 000 000+ Delivered metal parts per year
50+ Partners

Quality emerges from the cooperation of experience, modern technology, and craftmanship

Our company possesses modern production machinery. In terms of quality, the most essential thing is that our staff consists of professionals who know how to utilize advanced technology in the best possible way.

Metalpower Ltd. was founded in 1991, and it is a part of the Terra Patris enterprise group, under private Finnish ownership. The company has a total of 12 000 square metres of production space at two separate locations in Tyrnävä and Kempele, and we employ about 130 persons. Some of our key clients have been with us throughout our history.

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