We perform bendings using a variety of methods. We can bend and shape plates, pipes, and bars.


Our bending cell has five press brakes of different sizes with widths 1250-3000mm and pressing forces 50-170t. We have a wide range of tools for different material strengths from basic tools to client-specific special tools.

We are specialized in air bendings, and can determine the optimal measurements and shapes for the product together with our design department.

Eccentric presses

With the 10-100t eccentric presses, we can do traditional bending and shaping as well as minor stretching. We can design and implement line tools and individual multiphase tools. We can perform product-specific stretchings, bracings, and piercings into different materials.

Pipe bending

For pipe bending, we have two pipe bending machines for max 150mm thin wall pipes. Additionally, we have separate special machines for shaping the ends of pipes, with a variety of standard tools for the most common pipe end shapes. For some special profiles there are client-specific lasts for more unusual profiles.