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Contract manufacturing of metal products and components

Your powerful manufacturing partner. For your business, our competence means high quality, cost-effectiveness and reliable deliveries.

Quality emerges from the cooperation of experience, modern technology, and craftmanship

Why are we the best partner for you in the manufacture and assembly of metal products and components?

Broad machinery

Thanks to our broad machinery, we can carry out almost all the work by ourselves. Our versatile production enables a fast and cost-effective service for the entire lifespan of the product.

Fast deliveries

Our well-organized purchases and production ensure a reliable delivery even on a swift schedule. Contract clients can get deliveries through our storage services in just a few days.

Experience and craftmanship

Our staff consists of professionals who know how to utilize advanced technology in the best possible way. We also have among us the crafting masters necessary in assembly and finishing. Our broad clientele has enabled the continuous development of our professional skills. We regularly train our staff’s professional expertize in collaboration with several training partners.

3000+ Tonnes of metal per year
1 000 000+ Delivered metal parts per year
50+ Partners