Warehouse Logistics

For a contract manufacturer, warehouse logistics systems and their control are of utmost importance for ensuring high reliability of deliveries.

Warehouse logistics

We have a tailored procedure for all of our contract clients, with which we fetch the product predictions and delivery data from their systems. Using this data, we control our own manufacture and storage. This allows us to deliver the products to our clients at just the right time. For some of our clients, we allocate transportation, delivery notes, product identifiers, and exact delivery addresses from their logistics system.

When packaging the end products, we try to use as much renewable and recyclable packaging materials as possible in order to decrease the carbon footprint. All of our warehouse trolleys and forklifts are electric.

Inventory locations

In our actual warehouse we have both an 18m tall Kardex storage with 400 shelf locations and an ordinary pallet rack storage. In our end product warehouse there are a total of about 1000 shelf locations and about 1000 small item locations. Some of our products are stored in larger batches and packaged into smaller delivery containers (CHEP) per shipment.

Our production also has a semi-finished product storage with about 500 inventory locations. All semi-manufactured parts and products going into welding and assembly phases are stored here.