Added Value Services

Our versatile and broad expertize and long-lasting client relationships have created many different added value services for our clients.

Product design

We use the SolidWorks 3D design system and the AutoCad 2D system. We constantly make changes, suggestions for improvements, and cost-reduction proposals to our clients. We aspire to systematically assist our clients in their design work. We can also do comprehensive product design for our clients as needed.

We have several people with design backgrounds in our organization, and their expertize and competence can be utilized in solving many different technical problems and in improving manufacturability. We especially shine in the design and manufacturability development of plate structured products.

Tool and jig design

To ensure flexible and efficient manufacture of products and to minimize turnaround, we design almost all of the tools and production jigs ourselves. In manufacturing, we use our own production capacity, and only more specialized products (quick-releases etc.) are procured from outside of our own production.

In jig design, we utilize 3D models of the clients’ products, so that the jigs are guaranteed to be immediately suitable for the products in question. During the prototype phase, we make any necessary modification to the tools, so that the products are guaranteed to fit the production series in the sample batch phase at the latest.

All welding jigs fall under the internal calibration system, and are calibrated regularly according to a separate schedule. In revision changes of the products, we try to use former jigs as widely as possible, so that the lifespan expenses of the products stay moderate.

Procurement services

In comprehensive manufacture, we can help our clients’ procurement organization through our own network. We can procure materials and parts also from outside of Finland and can take care of logistics as a whole.

Many different components have alternative suppliers in case the primary supplier faces difficulties in delivery. We can also administer suppliers defined/determined by the client as agreed.

Our subcontracting network is wide even for components demanding special expertize. If needed, we can also get additional capacity from the network to supplement our own production.